the purge

A compilation of horror movie themed memes

Horror Movie Memes For Spooky Season

I have been obsessed with horror movies since I was a kid. I saw a screening of Evil Dead where they squirt blood at the audience when I was 12, and from then on, I was hooked. What I love most about horror movies is seeing things far grosser and scarier than you regularly encounter. Of course, I don't morally agree with the creation of a Human Centipede, but I will definitely watch it and its sequels no matter how objectively bad they are. Why? Because I want to see a Human Centipede. Call me…
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movies Video the purge - 82864129

Put Your Conspiracy Caps on, Time to Look at the Hidden Meaning Behind "The Purge"

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the purge movies parody Video - 81830657

Ever Wonder What Happens the Day After the Purge?

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Canada the purge vine - 62795009

This is What the Canadian Purge Would Look Like

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