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Police Post About 'Distinctive Ring' Inspires A Wealth Lord Of The Rings Jokes

We're pretty open about our love for Lord of the Rings (have you seen all the memes?) so we're pleased to bring you more Tolkien-related nerdy content today. The North Yorkshire Police Department shared a message regarding a "distinctive" ring that was missing an owner. The photos of the bauble revealed it to be J.R.R. Tolkien's "One Ring" from the Lord of the Rings universe. The cursed jewelry is pretty much the focal point of the entire series, and users were eager to show off their geeky knowledge of the fantasy tomes. To see more, check out the thread here.

funny thread of comments on north yorkshire police department facebook after they posted the one ring from lord of the rings | tweet by North Yorkshire Police North Yorkshire Police Officers York are trying locate owner distinctive silver ring and are appealing public their help. Luke Whitfield language is Mordor, which will not utter here common tongue says One Ring rule them all, One Ring find them. One Ring bring them all and darkness bind them This is One Ring. Forged by Dark Lord Sauron
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