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The Office is an American TV series that captured the hearts, minds and staplers of office workers, and normal people, around the world. Airing from 2005-2013, The Office's candid depiction of the mediocrity and weirdness that occurs in workplaces, especially offices, has left us all feeling a little better about our own 9 to 5 grind. 

Funny sarcastic video of a guy who loves The Office making a self-promotional video for his Tinder profile

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They're Coming

Funny meme about april showers and may flowers, jim halpert, blinds, the office.
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Funny memes about the office.

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Guess Again

Funny meme about anxiety keeping you from sleeping.
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It's Called Fashion

Caption that reads, "Girl: wears ripped jeans; Girl's knee: ..." above a pic of Jim Halpert looking through the blinds
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peta roast

PETA Is Getting Royally Dragged For Talking Trash About Steve Irwin On His Birthday

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Caption that reads, "When you break something and fix it just enough so that the next person who uses it thinks they broke it" above a pic of Jim from The office smiling while looking out through some blinds
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