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20+ Memes That Meme The Muppets on The Muppet Show Tonight

Why don't we get things started?
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A Reddit thread debating the best Christmas movie of all time

Christmas Lovers Debate Which Christmas Movie is The GOAT

I wish I could tell you that your favorite Christmas movie says a lot about you, but unfortunately, it does not. Your favorite Christmas movie is probably just what was constantly playing on TV when you were a kid or which VHS tapes you had. If it weren't for television reruns, It's a Wonderful Life , and A Christmas Story would not have the iconic reputation they've developed. In fact, they'd probably be largely forgotten. Even though our favorite Christmas movies are more based on when we wer…
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A compilation of tweets about the muppets in celebration of the 30th anniversary of Muppet Christmas Carol

Hilarious Muppet Tweets For The 30th Anniversary of 'The Muppet Christmas Carol'

I am ashamed of many things, but being a huge fan of the Muppets is not one of them. You might think that most Muppet-loving adults would keep quiet about it, but you'd be wrong! The Muppets have seemed to have a resurgence in popularity over the past few years, especially on Twitter. Everybody wants to return to the 80s and 90s era of the muppets, where they were recreating literary classics such as Treasure Island and A Christmas Carol. The Muppet Christmas Carol is one of my favorite Christm…
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A compilation of random memes.

Gut-Busting Memes For Those With An Intact Gut

Let's be honest. You need a laugh; I need a laugh. We all need to laugh a little bit more. We can't keep rewatching the same three seasons of Strangers With Candy until we die to get the last few giggles out of our usually unamused husks of bodies. Laughter is a force of healing, and if we don't do it enough, we're going to shrivel up and die. There are only so many 22-minute comedies you can consume in one day, especially if you are a person of the employed persuasion. Those 22-minute comedies…
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cover image about Kermit the frog, funny memes

16 Sassy 'Kermit The Frog' Memes We Definitely Didn't Find On 'The Muppets'

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Me Every Night

Caption that reads, "Me: Have an early night sleep; Inner me: Keep refreshing all your social media for no reason at all" above a pic of Kermit and inner evil Kermit
Via Beautifulbeard
the muppets parody Video politics - 83054849

Donald Trump sings Mahna Mahna

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And I Was Like Mee Mee, Mee Mee, Mee Mee, Meeeeeee

baby Hall of Fame justin bieber juxtaposition literalism lyrics mashup muppet similar sounding song the muppets - 5778568704
Via Snuh
the muppets kermit the frog richard sherman miss piggy - 58103297

Finally, The Richard Sherman-Muppets Mashup That Everyone Needed

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Joumana Kayrous Totally Looks Like Janice from The Muppets

the muppets TLL janice funny - 6798352128
Created by ksmit102

It's Not Easy Being Green

frog kermit literalism similar sounding the muppets - 6529630976
Via Gotta Have a Code

Fozzie Osbourne

added letter Hall of Fame literalism similar sounding the muppets - 6145922048
Created by Fatalyze


double entendre double meaning excuse frog gross Hall of Fame innuendo kermit muppet reason the muppets - 5419502592

T-Pain Totally Looks Like Dr. Teeth (the Muppets)

Hall of Fame hat the muppets - 5069244416
Created by InkaMichelle

Pro Wrestler Vladimir Koslov Totally Looks Like Sam the Eagle

angry muppet the muppets unibrow wrestler - 4413681152
Created by kattebery

Britney Spears Totally Looks Like Miss Piggy

britney spears miss piggy muppets music video singer the muppets - 4475364096
Created by Unknown
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