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Funny meme where a dog looks like an employee of a call center, a woman is complaining about her router and the dog suggests throwing up and then eating the throw up.
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Collection of funny memes in the OK Bye Mom format, where kid runs to the computer to search something after his mother leaves to run errands. The memes cover all sorts of topics, garlic bread, politics, donkey kong, pokemon, anime, porn, hentai, the simpsons, putin, trump, dogs.

Mother's Day Roundup: Best Of OK Bye Mom

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Assortment of memes from Instagram, Friday, partying, animals.

Daily Instameme Digest

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funny shopping fails

Oof: 15 Internet Shopping Fails

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When You Order Something Online VS When It Arrives

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People Can't Decide Which Direction the Stripes on This Girl's Shirt Are Going

optical illusion shirts People Are Can't Decide Which Direction the Stripes on This Girl's Shirt Are Going
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the internets medicine trolling Video - 84289281

Internet Comment Etiquette Is Here to Teach You How to Learn From Medical Advice on the Internet

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Which Is It?

the internets shocked image - 8996319744
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Don't Ask Why I Have a Giant Pile of Sand in My Yard

the internets fake beach image - 8995154944
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the internets challenge trending Video - 83987201

The Stop Doing Challenges Challenge Seems to Suggest You Should Either Do All of Them or None of Them

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facts the internets Video - 83939329

Here's How to Explain to Your Book Loving, Cultured Friends That the Internet Is a Great Thing

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But That's News!

the internets parents true facts - 8991042560
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Don't You Know Everyone on the Internet?

the internets mom image - 8990502912
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There Are So Many Melons in The World That Need Our Attention

the internets photoshop watermelons true facts - 8989270272
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What About Them?

wtf the internets image - 8986344960
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Stop Pretending Your Games Look Great

e3 FAIL lies the internets - 6299848448
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