the future is now

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12 'The Future Is Now Old Man' Memes That Prove 'Malcolm In The Middle' Was The Best Show

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The Future Is Now

Caption that reads, "Y'all still failing in your exams, while I'm here in 2073" above a pic of someone sitting in class with a bandaid on their hand that has the exam answers written on it
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Text that reads, "'Started from the bottom now we here??' Amazed by technology, Drake steps out of the elevator"
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We'll Only Upgrade Once A Year! What A Deal!

Caption that reads, "The iPhone 8 home button just got leaked" above a pic of a detachable home button, saying that it only costs $99.99
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The Future Is Now

Funny meme about VR, virtual reality headsets.
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The Seventh Sense

amazing art gifs science the future is now - 6635977472
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Bike Lift

bike cool gifs lift the future is now win - 6584933120
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