Funny meme using Kronk from Emperor's New Groove, oh yeah, it's all coming together, 69% battery, clock says 4:20, 68% 4:19pm
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A Bleak Before And After

Funny meme about how February 2020 was fun but February 2021 sucks, horrible, depressing, emperor's new groove
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funny meme about how penguins are called business geese in chinese. | no no he's got a point kronk meme the emperor's new groove
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Jeff Hong Unhappily Ever After Series, disney movies, photoshop, beauty and the beast, aladdin, mulan, the little mermaid, 101 dalmations | disney's mulan wearing a face mask in a foggy air polluted china street

'Unhappily Ever After' Is A Dark Twist On Disney Classics

Not the Disney of your childhood.
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funny memes featuring kronk from emperor's new groove, no no he's got a point | If rubbing alcohol fixes outside boo boo, then drinking alcohol fixes inside boo boo Chris no No, no. He's got point. guy dressed like jesus christ in sunglasses with a cigarette in his mouth holding a sign: don't sin If Jesus died nothing No, no. He's got point.

'He's Got A Point' Memes Are (Mostly) For Uncomfortable Or Dumb Truths

Kronk's back baby.
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Funny dank meme format featuring Kronk from Emperor's New Groove

Dank 'Emperor's New Groove' Memes Are A Blast From The Past

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That's The Good Stuff

Pic with a bunch of smudges on it of John Goodman's character from The Emperor's New Groove under the caption, "When the sun hits your laptop screen just right"
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