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20+ Twitter Reactions to Monday Night's Painful 'Bachelor' Finale

It seems that Bachelor Nation is a collective of gluttons for punishment. Because every year we find ourselves asking why we put ourselves through the agony of watching some loser manipulate and hurt women, while pretending to be torn up about it. “I didn't know it was going to be like this" is a pretty invalid statement when you literally signed up to be on a show that has been popular for 27 seasons. Anyway, you can see where this is going. The episode begins with Zach and Ariel b
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Funny memes and reactions to ABC's premiere of Katie Thurston's season of Bachelorette, cat guy, greg grippo, sex, virgin

Katie Thurston's Bachelorette Premiere: The Best Memes, Tweets & Reactions

Here we go again.
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Funny memes and reactions to the bachelor, matt james, rachel kirkconnell

28 Memes & Reactions To Last Night's Messy Bachelor Finale

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Do Better

Funny meme about all of google's apps looking the same, like all of the contestants of colton's season of the bachelorette look the same, hannah b, hannah g
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Funny twitter reactions to the season finale of Bachelor Presents: listen to your heart, chris and bri, jamie and trevor, matt and rudi, chris harrison, singing, reality tv, dating shows | ROSE Rosecast w/ Rim and AB Casts @rosecastpodcast "Congrats again on making this far all great singers! But if aren't ready get married don't ever want see faces again, is clear ListenToYourHeart | grace @bacheloroses my four favorite people on listen heart LTYH #ListenToYourHeart 8:30 PM 5/18/20 Twitter iPh

All The Best Twitter Reactions To The Finale Of Bachelor: Listen To Your Heart

Content Warning: Heaps of Disappointment
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funny memes and tweets reacting to the season premiere of abc's the bachelor, peter weber, pilot pete, hannah b, bachelor premiere | All girls listening Hannah tell windmill sex story JESUS SEE DONE OTHER PEOPLE, AND WANT. tweet by enews Peter's first group date summarized TheBachelor confused math lady spinning teacups ride

Best Bachelor Memes & Reactions From Last Night's Premiere

Spoiler alert!
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Funny memes about part one of the bachelor season finale.

All The Best Memes & Reactions To Part 1 Of 'The Bachelor' Finale (SPOILERS)

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Funny reactions and funny memes to the fence-jumping episode of the bachelor starring Colton Underwood and Cassie Randolph.

All The Best Memes & Reactions To Last Night's Epic Fence Jumpin' 'Bachelor' (SPOILERS)

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Funny meme about the bachelor and wine.
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That's A Scary Episode Of 'The Bachelor'

Funny meme comparing America to a reality show contestant.
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Collection of funny memes involving dogs, dating, alcohol, the internet, food, work, relationships, tv, the bachelor, sex.

Lunch Break: 19 Memes to Curb Your Hunger

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You Need to Be More Ambitious

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