that works

That Works...?

Someone sends James Fridman a photo asking if he will make his head look like it's actually attached to his body; Fridman replies with the kid's head photoshopped coming out of his arm
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He Tried, And That's All That Matters

Caption that reads, "He told his dad he wanted to learn how to train his new dog, and his dad said there were lots of dog-training videos on YouTube. So here he is, showing them to the puppy" above a pic of a little kid showing an iPad to a little puppy
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That Is Technically A Solution

Sign that reads, "Polar bear in the area! Use extreme caution when headed outside! Go with a "slower" coworker"
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Makes Sense

Caption that reads, "There's only one guy who works in my office so we changed the men's bathroom sign" above a men's room sign that says "Ben" instead of men
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The Stone Tells All

'Weather forecasting stone' that 'predicts' weather that's already happening
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Would Work On Me

"How to start a conversation with a girl" suggesting that they guy ask her if she likes Bionicles instead of just saying hi
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