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Funny dad makes joke about mom's gargling, sex joke, dirty joke, naughty

Quick-Witted Dad Makes Dirty Joke and Mom's Not Mad About It

It's almost always disturbing to hear parents talk about “the old” days and their naughty exploits. But sometimes, they do it in a way that's so funny we can let it slide.
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Naughty Pupper

Pic of a little dog wearing a hot dog costume with Snapchat caption that reads, "He's so small he can sneak through the fence, so he must wear the escape-proof wiener bun of shame at potty time"
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Hey Babe, I'm Sending You a Pic of My Christmas List

the perfect gift head
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Babe, I'm Taking You Somewhere Special for Dinner

sign restaurant that sounds naughty - 8759931648
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Ride It All Night Long

take the d train
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Someone Has Been Waiting Their Whole Life to Write This Headline

naughty tennis headline dick pound slams sharapova
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It's Not What You Think!

funny memes watching tennis text from mom
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Ram Me

IRL that sounds naughty - 8757506560
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Occupation: Hot Fudge Packer

names that sounds naughty - 8757510144
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Hey Girl, I Wanna Take You on Vacation

funny memes pound town wisconsin

If He's so Famous, How Come I've Never Heard of Him?

that sounds naughty sms - 8756605440
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I Know What Leo Did Last Night

that sounds naughty oscars - 8755042304
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If You Insist *Unzips*

sign IRL that sounds naughty burgers - 8753125376
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news Awkward that sounds naughty Video cows - 78287361

News Anchor Loses It Over a Farmer's Dirty Joke

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You're Welcome, Nature

dandelion that sounds naughty - 8751989504
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Just Beat It

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