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You Know The Type

funny meme about guys who say cheers instead of thanks | The official outfit of every guy that says "cheers" instead of "thanks" flip flops bracelets v neck shirt
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Funny meme about how when one of your friends says thanks for dinner all your other friends start saying thank you | my parents buys me and my friends dinner one friend: hey thanks for dinner everyone else: thanks thank you yeah thank you
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Yo Habla Bueno Espanol!!

Caption that reads, "45-year-old white ladies in Mexican restaurants after saying 'gracias' to the waiter" above a pic of a middle-aged white woman looking pleased with herself
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Very Helpful

Stick figure drawing of a guy holding a fire extinguisher labeled "fire distinguisher" where it's saying, "Yep, that's fire"
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You're Never Too Old for These Kinds of Cards

cards birthday kids grandparents parenting thank you g rated - 8183910144
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thank you Peter Griffin justin bieber - 6815643136
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Happy Veteran's Day

thank you military soldiers - 6760691712
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thank you campaign speech barack obama election crying - 44282369

President Obama Thanks his Campaign Staff

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My Cousin Barack

Mitt Romney barack obama thank you debate - 6690173440
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Grandma is a True Martyr

funeral grandma success kid thank you twilight - 6066308096
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bewbs guns hilarious thank you - 5622618624
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Forever Alone: Only 9 Months Late!

forever alone late mother thank you valentine - 5453360384
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SISTAH, Sistah

genius hilarious sister thank you - 5311265536
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Yo Dawg, We Noticed You Like Noticing

notice sign thank you yo dawg - 5098884608
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The Most Polite Man in the World

man manners polite thank you the most interesting man in the world welcome - 4941679104
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Someone Can't Use the Laminator

sign thank you idiots funny - 8455250432