memes, funny memes, textbooks, illustration, accidental memes, science diagrams, weird pics, science, funny images | Fear Fear/Mild Threat Threat Eye Rolling Horse emotions | Air is forced into nasopharynx by occluding one nostril and squeezing Politzer bag. Meanwhile patient is told say "cuckoo" or "Coca Cola close soft palate positive pressure nasopharynx travels through eustachian tube into middle ear, and patient hears snapping sound.

Out Of Context Diagrams That Became Accidental Memes

That old Science 101 textbook of yours is a meme goldmine
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scientific diagrams that look like shitposts, memes, funny, science diagrams, scientific illustration, weird pics, funny pics, educational, textbooks

40+ Scientific Diagrams & Odd Textbook Images That Look Like Memes

These pics are begging to be meme'd
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Funny Memes, Weird Pictures, Novelty, Illustration, Science, Funny Tweets | As dog learns behavior is being reinforced eventually learns produce desired behavior: surfing! | LATER HOMO H. sapiens (mødern huma H. antecessor ctus kloresiensis

43 Accidental Memes Discovered In Textbooks

Memes can be found in the strangest places.
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I Will Make You Proud

Funny meme about the people who have drawn dicks in your textbooks before you.
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Funny story about Keanu Reeves Sad keanu meme ending up in a Ukrainian history textbook | iconic black and white vintage photograph 30 Rockefeller Plaza Lunch Atop A Skyscraper showing row of construction workers sitting on beam steelwork photoshop keanu reeves red circle

Sad Keanu Meme Accidentally Makes It Into Ukrainian Textbook

Great fact checking, people.
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Go Big or Go Home

textbooks dongs - 8388006912

Go Big or Go Home

textbooks dongs - 7920241408
By Unknown

Scumbag Textbook

school textbooks scumbags - 7994364672
By Unknown

It's Everywhere!

Gravity im-watching-you poker face textbooks - 7962309376
By Unknown

Evil Book Buying

textbooks school - 7772741120

I Don't Get It Either

class textbooks school Chemistry funny failbook - 7447686400
By Unknown

The Most Overladen Student in the World

textbooks walking truancy story - 6160714496
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Update or GTFO

textbooks internet ussr Terrible Teacher truancy story - 6891042304
See all captions By Unknown

I Suppose I Could Use Them as Toilet Paper

best of week Rage Comics raisin rage textbooks truancy story true story - 5966937600
By hockeyrokcer

Please Tell Me the Bookstore Accepts Returns

college okay face Rage Comics school textbooks - 5103223552
By runningrogue

Definitely not an English Textbook

textbooks english college - 6892294912
By Unknown
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