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Somebody Has Permission to Stop Me

4chan bane batman puns Text Stuffs the mask - 6507653120
Created by littledevil9

The Only Valid Counterattack

Cleverbot god nokia Text Stuffs - 6494976256
Created by jleprince

I'm Watching You, Delivery Girl

newspaper overly attached girlfrien overly attached girlfriend Text Stuffs - 6495220224
Created by Unknown

If You Don't Have an Answer for All of Them, You Are No True Geek

best of week geek quiz Text Stuffs uh oh - 6435422976
Created by Forblaze


anchorman escalation Text Stuffs - 6444794368
Created by jtcaseley1

Don't Knock it 'Til You Try It!

Cleverbot fap home depot Text Stuffs - 6437155072
Created by eflynn22

Magic Timeghost Please

keanu reeves Text Stuffs time - 6441171712

YOLO: Nuclear Edition

bomb crazy nuclear Text Stuffs yolo - 6437159680
Created by DGatsby ( Via NPR )

It's a Kinda Sad Story Bro

Cleverbot dafuq Text Stuffs - 6433306624
Created by Maujee

Worst Birthday Ever

birthday game handcuffs obama Text Stuffs - 6433132288
Created by Mortuaryjoe

A Humble Response

meta response Text Stuffs woman - 6432154880
Created by Sassinak

Now We Know Who Runs Cleverbot

Cleverbot freddie mercury queen Text Stuffs - 6420736256
Created by MichaelBradley


belief lottery love luck money Text Stuffs - 6420777984
Created by CyberneticHeadphones

Like My Status If You Want to Die

facebook friends overly attached girlfrien text Text Stuffs - 6417569280
Created by MikeyBeef

Fresh-Squeezed Lemonade!

beach lady lemonade squeeze Text Stuffs - 6420685312
Created by giggidywarlock

Uh "The End"?

gifs reading teacher Text Stuffs - 6416012800
Created by Marylin_Massacre ( Via Lol Truest )
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