terrible idea

It's Genius

Text conversation where someone tells their friend that they went to a sales job interview where the interviewer asked them to sell a laptop; person takes the laptop and interviewer asks if they can have it back; person 1 asks if they want to buy it back
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Courage Wolf: Spit on Insanity Wolf

Courage Wolf spit terrible idea - 4465551104
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Why I Won't See "The Roommate"

horror murder Rage Comics raisins-super-fuuuu terrible idea - 4425106432


terrible idea Y U No Guy - 4401001984
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Scene Wolf: BUT MOM!

baby scene wolf tattoo terrible idea - 4354926592
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Scene Wolf: I Do What I Want

13 cartman i do what i want kids scene wolf terrible idea - 4300995840
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Courage Wolf: Honey

bees Courage Wolf honey terrible idea - 4299221760
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Rage Guy: Bad Idea

catching foot ninja Rage Comics terrible idea - 4278450688
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