Tennis Player Genie Bouchard Makes a Bad Superbowl Bet and Now She Owes a Random Guy a Date

One might think you'd be safe throwing random bets around when your team is up 21-0 at half time in the Super Bowl, to be fair the odds are heavily in your favor. Then and again this is an Atlanta team we're talking about here, that combined with the fact that Brady has sold his soul to the devil (Belichick) and it's still anyone's game.

Well, tennis player Genie Bouchard was feeling pretty good about her chances when she made a bet with a guy on twitter over a date, I can't help but wonder if the guy behind the account is secretly the Falcon's defensive coordinator. (It would explain so much)

Either way, a professional tennis player getting with a guy who runs a weird Tiger Woods novelty twitter account sounds like a match made in heaven. After all, if Alexis Ohanian can get Serena Williams, anything is possible.

tennis player Genie Bouchard promises someone a date
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