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'GOP, all glammed up': Artist uses AI to turn Republican politicians into drag queens

Ron DeSantis (aka Rhonda Santy) wearing a feather boa is giving
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A compilation of funny BeReals from the new hit social media app BeReal

Hilarious BeReal Posts That Show How Fun it is to Be Real

I understand the skeptics of the hottest new social media phenomenon BeReal . After all, we are constantly bombarded with companies wanting us to just download one more app. Sure, there might not be as many hot new social media platforms coming out every year as there were in the 2010s, but they do keep on coming. At this point in my life, I refuse to engage with the Tumblr app any longer. It was too much in 2013 when the triple combo of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were at their peak and a…
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28 Funny Memes That Are Sure To Get You LOLing

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the 10 year challenge 2019

The 'How Hard Did Aging Hit You' Challenge Is Taking The Internet By Storm

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Funny list of memes and tweets and funny photos.

32 Funny Memes That'll Scratch That Procrastination Itch

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39 Random Memes To Spice Up Your Day

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30 Goofy Memes That'll Get Your Giggles Going

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30+ Funny Memes To Help You Forget About Monday's Impending Dread

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Gather Round, Gather Round!

Meme of Ted Cruz speaking into a bunch of microphones
Via TheActualRealNopeInc
Collection of random memes about dating, relationships, dogs, cats, ted cruz, porn, love, friendship, food, animals, weather, iphones, apple.

40 Life-Saving Memes To Eliminate Your Boredom

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Not Anymore

Funny meme about Ted cruz porn situation.
Via cosmoskyle
Collection of funny memes and twitter reactions to Ted Cruz liking a pornographic tweet.

All The Best Memes And Reactions To Ted Cruz's Porno Gaffe

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The Horror

Funny meme mixing Guy Fieri hair with Ted Cruz's face, calling him the zodiac griller.
Via Stale Memes
wtf cheese ted cruz Video - 757764

Ted Cruz Has Ruined Queso for a Lot of People, but He Makes Some Good Points

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Real Quotes from Baby Ted

ted cruz - 8986454528
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