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Technically Correct Examples of Funny Logic

Clever answers that are hard to argue with
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Funny and dumb memes and moments that are technically true | Something is definitely going on LADBIBLE.COM Mystery Monolith Utah Desert Appears Next Prehistoric Fortress Romania Top fan Pack can tell exactly 's going on. Someone's going round putting monoliths places. | HOLLYWOOD IS FAKE! Paid actors

Extremely Dumb Jokes That Are Technically True

They've got a point.
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Witty Wisecracks That Are Technically the Truth

No, no...they've got a point
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Funny Things That Feel Wrong But Are Technically True

These dubious points are actually kinda valid
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Funny and clever moments that are technically true | Can see pictures people who have their tv built into wall. Thank 34 250 answers Like Answer Alan Mooney No problem | yoyoslushie 16h 1 Award 14 Reply 11.6k conflictedthrewaway 13h This kid's going places notyouravgredditer •16h are doing on NSFW question then 1 7.5k yoyoslushie 16h S 80 Awards don't go work 23.0k shogi_x 15h ?S3Awards Shit mean, he's definitely got us there. 1 8.6k

Funny & Clever Moments That Are Technically True

They're not wrong.
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technically true, funny memes, memes, funny comments, reddit, facebook, twitter, true facts | usually sit on computer 12 hours day is bad? Best Answer- Chosen by Asker cant be comfortable. Try chair | student writing mathematical equations on a blackboard

Cheeky Answers That Feel Wrong But Are Technically Accurate

Where's the lie?
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