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Too Real

Pic of a guy looking down at a cell phone while struggling to see it in the dark, with the caption, "This is how my parents look at their cell phone"

Tech Support Be Like

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Probably Just About Time to Upgrade to Windows 10

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Helpful IT

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And You Thought Outsourcing Tech Support Abroad Was Bad

tech support it monkey - 8762540288
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Very Funny, Guys

monday thru friday tech support work nicolas cage prank mouse - 8152063744
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why are all tech support people such idiots?!

tech support smartphones it - 7365639936
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Do You Want Me to Fix It or Not?

lag tech support rage - 7970272768
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Information Trollology

error tech support trolling technology computer - 8433059584
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Help Desk Woes

computer tech support work help desk - 8354139904
By Atillion

Listen, Already!

rage tech support virus computer - 8296033280
By Ryouuu

AKA Internet Exploder

tech support internet explorer - 8218884352
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This Type of Service Shouldn't Be Free

Actual Advice Mallard tech support - 8131167488
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If You Don't Look Like This, You're Not Doing Tech Support Right

jobs tech support work - 8082244352
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And He Should!

tech support - 7984396544
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Helping Paranoid Computer Users

computer guy tech support viruses WINRAR - 7977111040
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