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A compilation of IT, programming, and computer science memes.

Information Technology Memes For IT Guys

It's IT time! I know what you're wondering: Do you mean IT, the classic Stephen King novel and 2017/2019 films about clowning gone wrong? Absolutely not, you stupid baby! It's IT time as in, the actually important IT, which stands for Information Technology . Now I will be honest with y'all. I am not a diva of the IT or computer science persuasion. I am merely a humble former English major hoping that the STEM kids in the room accept these memes into their hearts. Even if I don't fully understa…
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funny tech memes, it memes | Do know why shouldn't fart an Apple store? Why? Because they don't have Windows captain america pun | open task manager and all apps suddenly stop freezing Fear will keep them line. tarik star wars

Tech Memes You Can Appreciate Even If You're Not In IT

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funny tehc memes, mr meme, hackers, computers, technology | stonks meme about technology.  rotating my phone calculator app Tehc. get drafted WW3 but are sent Meme War department Tehc

'Tehc' Memes Are Here For Anyone With Basic Technology Smarts

Have you tried unplugging it?
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Funny meme about being able to roll to the other side of the bed when your phone is charged.
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Why. Can't. You. Just. WORK

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