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Strict Professor Gets Schooled After Chiding Student To Improve Their Grades

Of all the parts of the learning environment, the quality of the teacher has to be one of the most important factors. There’s nothing like a jerk grading your papers to cause stress and demotivation, so when you are faced with a situation like that it’s important to take action. This was exactly what u/ttbmips did when they faced off one of their strict college professors. After their midterm grade suffered after she wrongly announced how much time was left on the test, the teacher asked the cl…
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Art Teacher Astounds The Internet With Two Handed Drawing Technique

It takes a special kind of person to be a high school art teacher . Not only are you guiding the nation’s youth into the working world, you’ve also got to nurture their creativity. Not only this, you also have to deal with all the teenage angst that comes with unlocking that. Arty kids are only marginally less annoying than theater kids, after all. None of this necessarily relates to being able to do art itself, but believe it or not, some art teachers do in fact have some finely honed creative…
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How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?

funny memes, memes, teachers | Teacher: Dabs Students: die from cringe
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Please Forgive Me

Funny meme about how teachers hate their jobs because kids are assholes, frogs, frog memes, animals
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This Means You Can Leave

Funny meme about how kids think the teacher is dead when they don't show up in the first minute, the joker, joaquin phoenix, school memes
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Funny moments, clever moments, moments of genius, smart memes, silly memes | Thano Chemistry substitute slowly writing endgame spoilers on board every time talked. half a donut placed on top of a Starbucks cup with the straw going through the hole in the middle

33 Impressive Moments Of Minor Genius

Slow clap
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Funny starter pack memes, vin diesel, fast and furious, relatable memes | Vin Diesel movie starter pack hot gf Excellent driver word Former family soldier Basically superhero FAF 20 Emotionless | Elementary School Black History Month Starter Pack THIS iS GeOrgE WASHINGTON cArVer No silly, not George Washington! He Changed America's peanuts Forever!

Super-Fresh & Super-Specific Starter Pack Memes

Where's the lie?
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Funny meme about Shrek, dumb memes, teachers, school memes | the teacher's copy what they give you
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Everyone Has Had This Teacher

funny meme about hippie teachers
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Spicy and offensive memes, edgy memes, edgy tweets, offensive humor, dark humor

Twenty-Two Supremely Spicy & Unsettling Memes

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Funny meme abouy how english teachers don't like it when kids get creative at school but gush over writers that do.
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Teacher makes hall passes with ight imma head out spongebob meme.

Millennial Teacher Goes Viral For Amazing Meme-y Hall Passes

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Funny pics of kids' homework and tests where they outsmarted the teachers

Examples Of Smartass Kids Outsmarting Their Teachers

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Funny meme about sense of humor, attendance, jokes about being absent.
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Why Is This True?

Funny meme about how teachers wet their fingers to turn pages.
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It Has To Be Here Somewhere

Funny meme about looking for a presentation that doesn't exist.
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