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Funniest Back to School Memes for Teachers Mentally Preparing for the New School Year

And physically preparing, tbh...
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Funny memes and tweets about teaching

Painfully Relatable Memes For Tired & Broke Teachers

There are a lot of jobs out there that people don't take seriously. Jobs that may seem easy to an outsider, like free money. But we would wager that nobody on Earth has ever said teaching is easy. Because it's not. Insanely early mornings, hours grading papers and creating lesson plans, and spending your own money on supplies are just a few of the constant joys that educators have to look forward to. And we can't forget the charms of entitled and deluded parents who think their children are God…
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Please Forgive Me

Funny meme about how teachers hate their jobs because kids are assholes, frogs, frog memes, animals
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Everyone Has Had This Teacher

funny meme about hippie teachers
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Not Again

Funny meme, funny meme about teachers and youtube autoplay.
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Funny meme about teacher waiting for class to be quiet, mannequin.
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Godspeed, Teachers

AskReddit thread asking teachers what the difference is between their students from 1997, 2007 and 2017 students - teacher replies that in '97 it was note-passing, '07 was texting, and '17 was watching Netflix in class
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