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Uber Customer Acts Up During Ride, Driver Gets Perfect Revenge

Got what he deserved
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Bemused Passenger Shares Taxi Driver Facetiming Friend To Show Him How Beautiful She Is

Needlessly extra
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Caption that reads, "When you're drunk in the back of a cab and the driver asks you for directions" above a pic of a Furby with one eye open and the other half-closed
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Funny stories about being drunk in ubers, cab, lyft, drinking, twitter.

People On Twitter Are Sharing Some Seriously Hilarious Drunk Uber Stories

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Great Marketing

marketing taxi web comics - 8753954560
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... Among Other Things

cars taxi dui - 8559214080
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Left in a Los Angeles Taxi

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Sneaky, Sneaky


The Best Way to Commute

monday thru friday coworkers taxi - 8312605440
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Automatic Taxi Doors in Japan

wtf gifs cars taxi Japan - 8002403328
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The Cab Driver's Revenge

justice revenge taxi - 7941019904
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Sadly, Not An Isolated Incident...

customer service rage taxi - 7929448704
Created by nightshade01

Never Taking the Taxi Again

trolling poker face taxi - 7556597760
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Oh, You Have a Car!

friends cars taxi - 7544927488
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Never Say No to a Bear

wtf bear taxi no - 7074396928
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wtf car bear taxi - 4377253632
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