Umm... I Hate to Break It to You...

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Remember That Fad Everyone Already Hates? It's a Tattoo Now.

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The Champ Stamp

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Douchieness Personified

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A Drunk Guy Gave Himself the Worst Charmander Tattoo

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Star Wars Has Samurai Movie Roots, and This Guy Got a Tattoo to Show It All Off

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Wow So Wise

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Arm - 63 3G 51% 8:53 PM proN LZO HE RIGH FoE SACE NooB ProN Ra EGUSTA MADS I meant to post this when it happened at work but I forgot but This customer came in and this was his tattoo sleeve Legit ink On an actual arm 29 Likes 5 Comments

Can't Pick an Eeveelution for Your Tattoo? No Big Deal!

pokemon memes eeveelution tattoo
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Look at This Guy's Giant Ho-Oh Tattoo

pokemon memes ho oh back tattoo
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3D Tattoo

GIF of a dude's 3-d tattoo on his left arm.
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Some People Have Faith in Their NCAA Teams. Others Have Faith AND Want to Carve That Into Their Skin.

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He Likes the New Ink

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Get a Kick Out of This Dhalsim Tattoo

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Kim's Got Some Impressive Ink

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