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40+ Disastrous Tattoos That Give A New Definition To The Word Ugly

Body art or body felony?
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Cringe: Girl Gets Giant Tattoo of Boyfriend's Name Just One Week Before Breakup

Some things are universally considered bad ideas. Dating a coworker. Eating certain foods on a date. Drunk texting an ex. And, of course, tattooing a partner's name to one's body. TikToker @..ashlyn.grace didn't seem to get the memo on that last one, and made a very, very large and very permanent mistake that goes all down her back. YALL- Okay so the video before said that “I got a tattoo of my exes name and we broke up in a week” YALL. PLEASE — jordy (@BROCKSQUADD) O…
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Funny and cringey bad tattoos and tattoo fails | life go's on. Palients chasen_dunk, dabhead88 sabrinacamm Patients is virtue. Thank so much this tattoo looks amazing! dabhead88 misspelling grammar

Tattoo Fails People Should Be Ashamed Of

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arianga grandes tattoo fail

Ariana Grande's Epic Tattoo Fail Is Inspiring Some Sizzling Roasts

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Funny meme about angle vs angel
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