When You Cut Your Hair Short

tangled haircut - 8503966464

Worst Invention of the Holidays

tangled funny - 8391031040

Some People Just Don't Like Karaoke

disney tangled sing - 7466465536

I Don't Want to Anymore

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Headphone Rage!

headphones raisin horror tangled - 6579756544
Created by jsjp13

No One Was Kind, They Didn't Rewind

1990s problems First World Prob First World Problems tangled tape VHS - 6403245568
See all captions Created by Unknown

Amanda Seyfried Totally Looks Like Rapunzel from Tangled

actor Amanda Seyfried celeb disney funny Movie tangled TLL - 6012712448
Created by sunshineshizzmatizz

You've Tangled Up My Sexuality

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Mt Saint Michael, France Totally Looks Like Tangled Kingdom

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Created by lunaduck

Girl on Castleville Icon Totally Looks Like Rapunzel from Tangled

disney funny game girl Hall of Fame rapunzel tangled TLL - 5930756864
Created by bigtex11

Classic: There's Evil at Work Here

earphones fu guy Rage Comics tangled - 5779730688

AnnaSophia Robb Totally Looks Like Rapunzel from Disney's "Tangled"

disney funny rapunzel tangled TLL - 5656665856

Lisa Edelstein Totally Looks Like Mother Gothel

disney funny lisa edelstein tangled TLL - 4677284608
Created by helloxsarah

Jonathan Scott, Property Brothers Totally Looks Like Flynn Rider, Tangled

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Created by Azraelle


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Created by CreeperExtreme