tall people

Thems Tha Rules

Funny tweet about tall people grabbing something from a tall shelf for a short person As a tall person I cannot offer to reach something on a high shelf for a stranger, yet if they ask me I must oblige. This is the law of the giants
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Funny meme about skyscraper noises, tall people.
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How Ya Like That Ya Tiny Midget

Tweet that reads, "Short person: OMG you're so tall! I bet you play basketball; Me: OMG you're so short. I bet the guilt you felt after Samwise carried you up Mount Doom must have been excruciatingly painful"
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Good Question

Text conversation where one person asks their tall friend how tall people sleep at night if the blanket doesn't cover their entire bodies
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Some Tips For You

Caption reads, "Five Ways to Appear Taller" above a bunch of ridiculous fake tips to seem taller
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Tall People Fit Right in Cars With Sunroofs

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