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'He didn't speak to me the whole shuttle ride': 5'1" Woman is berated by family for not giving her first-class upgrade to her 6'6" brother

Tall kings suffer too
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Smol Collection of 26 Pint-Sized Memes to Send to Your Short Friends

Every Bullwinkle needs a Rocky
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Insecure Dad Attends Wedding With Daughter, Refuses to Let Her Wear Heels

What's the opposite of short king
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A compilation of memes about being tall

Tall Person Memes For Long Boys That Extend Over 6 Feet

Being tall can be rough. I am a person of the tall experience, but that claim does come with some caveats. I'm 5'11, which is tall for a girl, but not for a guy. Being 5'11 would've been the bane of my existence if I were a man. I would spend every waking hour cursing the inch that I did not have but believed I deserved. Since I'm a woman, I enjoy my days being moderately tall and mostly forgetting about my above-average stature. When I was in elementary and middle school, being tall was way mo…
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Man Uses Height Boosting Shoe Inserts For Date, Prompting Jokes And Debate

Just admit you’re 5’11 bro
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Thems Tha Rules

Funny tweet about tall people grabbing something from a tall shelf for a short person As a tall person I cannot offer to reach something on a high shelf for a stranger, yet if they ask me I must oblige. This is the law of the giants
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Funny dank memes featuring The Rock and professional Chinese basketball player Sun Ming Ming | My dad trying pay Lego set looking tough pretty cashier CALIF | who did all work extrovert who's presénting our project TALA

Dank Memes Featuring The Rock Looking Tiny Next To A Pro Basketball Player

We always love us a good 'Rock' meme!
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Funny meme about skyscraper noises, tall people.
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So Rude

Pic of a short guy, who represents "Some baby in a shopping cart at the store" looking up at a tall woman, who represents, "Me, minding my own business"
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The Target Has Been Located

Caption that reads, "When I see a dog I wanna pet" above pics of Shaq hiding behind a skinny tree
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tall vine Video short - 202247

Use Your Graceful Strength to Make Up For Your Weaknesses

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Next Time, Don't Ask Just Get Your Own Tiny Ladder

web comics tall bad jokes Next Time, Don't Ask Just Get Your Own Tiny Ladder
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Tall Guy Problems

tall web comics - 8596153088
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I Hate Myself Now

tall Awkward conversation - 8425317376
Created by icanhazzahalp

The Truth About Tall Friends

tall friends web comics - 8332346368
Created by Derp-a-derp

Conveniently Long-Legged

tall gifs legs - 8118288896
Created by ToolBee
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