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Amazon's Selling Dank Tees

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I Doubt You Have an Up to Date License

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Created by whatdoyoumeanthatnameisalreadinuse ( Via )

He Must Be Tripping

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Created by Luchabro ( Via Threadless )

Form an Orderly Queue, Ladies

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Instructions Unclear, Got Stuck in the Door

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She did it on purpose

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Created by death_by_rage

Vladimir Boobin

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I Love You Guys!

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The Sick World We Live In

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That moment when it takes to long to explain panel one.

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Created by LexyLikesUnicorns

I Pledge Allegiance to Your Shirt

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I'm Telling My Future Sons This Line


And I Won't Be Wearing It Ever

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Better Than Real Life!

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Vision Check

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Created by tamaleknight

Will Do

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