TikToker ClassyAshley94 makes disgusting coffee drinks, too much creamer, sweet, too much sugar, wtf, roasted

TikToker Inspires Disgust With Grotesquely Sweet Coffee Creations

Hope she's got dental insurance.
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The End Times Are Near

Pic of a bottle of maple syrup tat expires on "10/02/151441" above Tumblr caption that reads, "The year is 151441. Humanity is on its last string of life. Food is scarce. The last bottle of maple syrup has expired. Hope is dying fast. The Canadians have fallen"
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Collection of funny memes comics and posts about Canada in celebration of their 150th birthday, canada day.

20 Canadian Memes in Celebration of Canada Day

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syrup wtf vine - 77054977

Want to Know Why Mrs.Butterworth's Tastes so Good?

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syrup chug bro gross Video - 73648129

Ready to Feel Like You’ve Accomplished Nothing Today? Watch This Guy Chug a Bottle of Pancake Syrup

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Definitely Going to Heck For This One

jesus syrup gifs puns - 8333001728
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Never Ending Syrup

cinemagraph food gifs nom nom nom pancakes syrup want win - 6114966272
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gifs nom nom nom Punnish puns syrup - 4304483840
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