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'Yo, Adrian!': Best Sylvester Stallone memes only for those who are dogs with the action star

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Funny memes featuring the stars of action movies, action heroes, chuck norris, sylvester stallone, arnold schwarzenegger, sylvester stallone | at 2 .m. drunkenly entranced by slow spinning Hot Pocket microwave @snackytuna | l'd like have sexual intercourse, please My girl, still mad didn't do dishes even though said would bread loafington NO CHANCE

40+ Action Hero Memes Packed With Testosterone

Hasta la vista, baby.
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Funny Memes, Dank Memes, Wholesome Memes, Dumb Memes, Epic Fail, FML | When you're wearing socks and step into something wet Sylvester Stallone
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stupid memes, funny memes, coronavirus memes, covid-19, toilet paper memes, sylvester stallone | Bernie Sanders writing on a whiteboard Stay home if sicc, come over if u thicc | My butthole after one week dollar store toilet paper Rocky Balboa bleeding

Dumb Memes To Mindlessly Scroll Through

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funny celebrity photoshop mashups | Zoey DaveChappelle delete my fucking number zooey deschanel bangs big eyes Dave Chappelle teeth | hulk rogen hulk hogan red bandanna handlebar mustache Hulkmania red shirt seth rogan

These Celebrity Photoshop Mashups Are Funny & Kinda Cursed

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funny christmas memes | the undertaker sitting up in a coffin *one snowflake falls* Mariah Carey. sylvester stallone's face photoshopped over macaulay culkin's in home alone

Christmas Memes Even Non-Celebrators Will Enjoy

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Funny memes, stop sending me this shit.

Disgruntled Parody Tweets That Need To Be Stopped

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Spy Kids 3 hilarious

Hilarious Tumblr Thread Details How Ridiculous The 'Spy Kids 3' Movie Really Is

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Such A Beautiful Moment

Caption that reads, "A hand changes everything" above a pic of Sylvester Stallone staring down his opponent in 'Rocky' with a hand photoshopped lovingly caressing his face
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That's Not Wrong...

Rocky Horror Picture Show movies Memes Sylvester Stallone funny - 9146868224
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So Edgy

photography Memes Sylvester Stallone - 9083880192
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MRW I Learn How to Make 3D GIFs

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Sylvester Stallone's New Job

jobs gifs Sylvester Stallone delivery - 8478273280

Wise Words

wisdom Sylvester Stallone bruce lee funny - 7714190336

Sylvester Stallone Totally Looks Like This Shoe

totally looks like Sylvester Stallone funny shoe - 7484729600
Created by Unknown

Rocky Definitely Would Have a Different Market

now kiss hands Sylvester Stallone rocky - 7407654144
Created by hungwell
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