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20 Sword Memes For Skilled Swordsmen & Knights in Shining Armor Who Live By The Sword

I was obsessed with those foam sword toys when I was a kid. Any sword toy was enough to get me excited. I don't think I owned a lightsaber or a medieval knight foam sword, but boy howdy, was I fixated on them at the toy store and my friend's houses. The best thing about sword toys was that they gave you a socially acceptable tool to fight your friends. It's generally frowned upon to get into a fistfight with your friends, even if it is just for play. Swords give you the opportunity to swing a g…
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Oh God Not Again

funny meme about tarot cards swords getting drunk and stealing swords | Me, drunk af stealing a shit load swords: Me, waking up in the morning with a shit load of swords:
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Buyer's Remorse

Caption that reads, "Me, absolutely twisted, coming home with a load full of swords; Me waking up the next day with a room full of swords" above pics of classical paintings where a guy is carrying a bunch of swords next to one where he is waking up with swords hanging on his wall
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Hate When This Happens

Funny meme about tarot card
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video game swords fighting oblivion video game logic - 104710

To Each His Own, Man

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dark souls video games sword swords Video Game Coverage - 79294721

The Dark Souls III Great Sword of Artorias Is a Real-Life Colossus

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heart feelings list dark souls swords brain batman web comics - 649477

The Brain And The Heart Have a Strangely Conflicting Codependent Relationship As Illustrated By These Web Comics

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Draw Your Sword

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Thanks Mom For The Sword!!!

gifs kids swords mom - 8565232384
Created by MarcusLeary

This is How Deadpool Gets Their Ideas

guns gifs deadpool swords - 8547047680
Created by sebenty

Sword vs. Air Pellet

awesome gifs science swords - 4722037248
monkeys swords monkey Video - 104455

These Monkeys are Somehow Cuter When They're Wielding Swords

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From the "Asking the Tough Questions" Department


The Sword Business Can Cut

ouch FAIL gifs swords - 8538954240

Swords Are a Precision Instrument

FAIL gifs cringe swords watermelon - 8523097088

Come to Me if You Want to Learn the Ways of the Ancient Warriors

Katanas neckbeards swords - 8391493632
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