Baby's First Swim...

Babies photobomb dogs swimming funny - 7798705920
Created by Jlnvw76

Great Tutorial

wtf kids swimming funny toilets - 7782610688
Created by Unknown

Orangutan Swimming

gifs critters swimming orangutans funny - 7726591232
Created by Unknown

Ear Water

swimming sweet jesus pool - 7753913344
Created by Unknown

Slowly, I'm Coming For Ya

gifs swimming sloths funny - 7710203392
Created by Unknown

The Top Panel is The Cat's Brain

swimming Cats funny - 7680111872
Created by signet02

Fluffy Learns to Swim

wtf swimming Cats funny - 7492090368
Created by minepenguincraft

Favorites: Huge Mistake, Spiderman, Lord of the Dance

jump swimming pool Spider-Man - 7688543488
Via Swim University

Whale What Do We Have Here?

yikes gifs close call critters swimming whales funny - 7686157056
Created by Unknown

This is Why I Hate Wetsuits

pee ocean swimming - 7319601408
Created by KotaroFuuma

Swimming Pigs

gifs critters cute swimming pig - 7670998528
Created by ani.s4 ( Via Youtube )

Just Keep Swimming

swimming pixar finding nemo - 7657767168
Created by Damask123

No, He Can't

mr-bean swimming funny - 7640177664
Created by Unknown

Cat Likes to Swim

gifs bath tubs swimming Cats funny - 7613542912
Created by Unknown


Babies gifs kids swimming funny - 7621850880
Created by SatevisM

No Place is Safe

nope swimming sharks - 7579531008
Created by Unknown