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Casual Gamers Bond Over Shared Psychopathy When They Play “The Sims”

Yay! Virtual murder
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OSHA-Violating Swimming Pool Crane Prompts Horrified Jokes

Oh boy
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Wholesome Thread Delights In Vacation Dads Fascinated With Pool Repairmen

If Father’s Day card designs are anything to go by, many men of a certain age enjoy the simple things in life. Sports, beer and fart jokes probably take the top spot, but a solid runner up has to be power tools. There are few more intimate relationships than a dad and the immaculately equipped toolbox in the garage that he never touches, apart from when another man’s tools are involved. This essential truth has been elegantly proved by @ellieq , when she came across some repairmen replacing a p…
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Pic of two guys reenacting The Creation of Adam painting; Tumblr user comments below, "I want a video of all the tries it took to make this;" someone comments below that, "I want a video of the second right after this shot was taken"
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Golden Puppers Do A Swim

Caption that reads, "Bad day? Here's a pool of puppies" above a pic of a bunch of golden retriever puppies swimming in a little backyward pool
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You're Going To Jail, Kid

Sign that says "No drowning" above a stock photo of a kid drowning and police fish from Spongebob running in to arrest him
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True Love Does Exist!

Guy tweets that he saw an 8-year-old boy throw his phone in the pool when his girlfriend said they couldn't be together because she didn't have one
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This Seems Cruel And Unusual

Sign showing a drowning person that looks like "lol"
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Yeah, NOPE.

Photo of someone swimming with a shark in a swimming pool
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This Swim Instructor is Fantastic at Nearly Drowning Kids

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Perfect Potent Pool Perfection

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Just So You Know...

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No Kidding!

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Barely Made It

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Brought to You By the Management of Obvious

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Perfect Timing

photobomb swimming pool perfectly timed funny - 7801707008
By screamindivr145
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