Compilation of sweaty Elvis memes

Sweaty Elvis Memes For Real Rock 'N Rollers

The newest Baz Luhrmann flick Elvis opened last weekend. While some don't approve of the revisionist history that the film promotes, the movie has generally been well-received so far. One aspect of the film that's gotten some attention on Twitter is the titular character's appearance in the late 70s. Let's just say that right before he died, Elvis looked…different.
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Funny dank memes entitled "Sweating Rilakkuma"

'Sweating Rilakkuma' Is The Perfect Meme For The Anxiety-Ridden

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Oh God It's So Awkward

Caption that reads, "When you're approaching someone in a long hallway and you're not sure when to begin eye contact" above a pic of Jordan Peele sweating and looking nervous
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It's That Time of Year Again

sweat money signs It's That Time of Year Again


caught in the act gross in public PDA sweat - 3030374144
Created by Unknown

No Sweat

gifs sweat feminism working out - 8414064384
Created by ToolBee

Fingers Crossed

wtf poop eww sweat funny - 4052258816
Created by kehko

It's a Vicious Cycle

socially awkward penguin sweat Memes funny - 7459765504
Created by Unknown


typo sweat sweet - 4390800640
See all captions Created by powellchristoph


eww hilarious sweat wet woman - 5741862656
Created by 88ninjas

Om Nom Nom

cute ear girls om nom nom surprise sweat tasty - 5514874624
Created by raetonalinn

Scariest Thing I've Ever Seen

creepy sneakers get outta here ginger Party scary sweat - 5313970432
Created by Unknown

Sporty Deodorant

athletes gifs gross sports sweat wtf yikes - 5247951616
Created by Unknown

En Garde !

Fencing gifs Movies and TV Star Trek sulu sweat - 5145128192
Created by OryuKitty

The Shadowlurker: Mmm, Salty

licking salty sweat The Shadowlurker - 5122942976
Created by Unknown

Soon... My Cheeks Will Stop Sweating

costume creeper kids Kids are Creepers Too play SOON sweat - 4868930304
Created by FishermanSJ
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