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'That's not wandering off, that's sneaking away': Mom abandons 13-year-old daughter at store for 2 hours, claims she accidentally put her phone on Do Not Disturb

Highly suspicious
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Customer Refuses to Tip Waiter After Demanding Menu Be Tailored to His Preferences

Customer Refuses to Tip Waiter After Demanding Menu Be Tailored to His Preferences

In my younger years, I worked as a waitress to support myself. My eight-hour shift at the restaurant would be followed by a job working in retail till the early hours of the morning. To be honest, though, I wasn't very good at being a waitress, and I didn't particularly love my work there either. The story below is of a stubborn customer who demands that his server adjust the quantity of the meal before accepting the order. And to make matters worse, the customer refused to leave a tip after th…
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People Discuss the Conspiracy Theories They Actually Believe

There are some pretty bonkers conspiracy theories out there that are only convincing if you're stoned enough, but unless you're living in blissful ignorance, there are probably more than a few things you're a little skeptical about. In a recent r/AskReddit thread about plausible conspiracy theories, incredulous people discuss all the things they're particularly suspicious about, like dollar slice places in New York (are they a money laundering front?) and memes about movies and TV shows (are the
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Couple's Game Gets Weird When Husband Pressures Blindfolded Spouse to Sign 'Papers'

Every couple has their mundane problems, but what does it say about your relationship when you start to suspect your partner of conspiring against you? Either some underlying trust issues have always been lurking just under the surface of your otherwise healthy relationship, or maybe you really have been living with a duplicitous psychopath all along. Redditor u/ThrowRAissuesRA turned to Reddit for advice after a series of seemingly harmless games with their husband took an unsettling turn.
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Suspicious Woman Contacts Tampax To Figure Out If Boyfriend Is Cheating

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Suspicious “Quotes” That Give Words A New Meaning

Very "funny"
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Wait A Minute

Funny meme that reads, "When you're sleeping and your alarm didn't ring yet but the amount of sleep you're getting is suspicious"
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Seems Fishy...

Tweet that reads, "For someone who didn't start a fire, Billy Joel sure is defensive about it"
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Seems A Little Fishy

Tweet that reads, "Doctors before an X-ray be like, 'Don't worry this is perfectly safe' and then the dude goes to Egypt to press a button"
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Seems Real Fishy...

Tumblr post caption that reads, "Kinda worried that Nintendo is trying to warn us something" above a screencap of icons from 'Pokemon Go' and 'Mario Run'
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Seems Like A Setup...

Headline that reads, "Don't kill that spider in your house. It's unlikely to bite you and is good for the environment" under the caption, "Did a spider write this"
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Next Thing You Know, It'll Be on Google Maps

batman suspicious - 8240080384
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Everything Seems Normal Here

suspicious Avatar normal funny - 8147411200
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That Lizard Is on to Me

wtf suspicious lizard funny - 3805992704

Not Suspicious At All

suspicious assassins creed video games funny - 7534766848

Something's Not Right Here

sign suspicious funny - 5560677888
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