Funny meme about how different countries eat fish, lord of the rings, japan, sushi, england, frying fish | England telling Japan to cast fish into the batter and fry it
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Get Your Sh*t Together

Depressing comic with instructions on how to make sushi
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Delicious AND Nutritious!

Funny meme about vegan sushi, fruit by the foot, fruit snacks.
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Well, Maybe a Raccoon Will Eat It From the Garbage?

sushi web comics - 8750392832
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They Really Were Donuts!

pokemon memes brocks donuts
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Roll Up These Towels Properly and They Make Little Sushi Rolls!

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It's Too Adorable to Eat

sushi rice sleeping funny - 8379454720
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Seems Reasonable

cheap funny sushi wtf - 8360983040
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So That's How Sushi is Made

wtf sushi gifs Japan food - 8356920320
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A Tongue's Ignorance

jerks tongues ice cream pizza sushi web comics - 8316601344
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Serious Prizes!

restaurants sushi - 8240106752

Red Panda Snacks on Some Sushi

sushi gifs red pandas critters - 8132477696
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Teach a Man to Fish

sushi web comics - 8042220544
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Bringing Great Dishonor Upon the Family

sushi Nailed It - 8012735744
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Plus He Can Always Push Ink Around

sushi squid funny web comics - 7881402880
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