Some Surprises Don't Go Over So Well

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By anselmbe

Sashimi, Anyone?

beach surprise - 8373705728
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GIF - What Was That For?

GIF of a cat running up to a dog sleeping on the couch, swiping at his face and then running away.
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This Shark Cam Sneaks Up on a Great White

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True Friends Stab You in the Front

cakes friendship surprise web comics - 8267579648
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I Surrender

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By ToolBee

"You Saw That, Didn't You?"

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Guess Who's Back?!

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What Surprises The Dalai Lama The Most About Man

Dalai Lama sad but true surprise advice web comics - 8158125824
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Everyone Loves Surprises

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Did Not See That Coming

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Pure Love

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How Monday Morning Feels When You Realize You Forgot About The Test in Your Morning Class

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By anselmbe

Wisconsin White Deer Surprised by His Own Antlers Shedding

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The Scariest Element on the Table, Period.

Chemistry elements surprise science puns - 7921498624
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