Together They're Unstoppable

Caption that reads, "I can't unsee 'Captain Tiny Arm' and his baby sidekick 'Mega Hand'" above a photo of a guy holding a baby where it looks like he has a tiny hand, while the baby appears to have a huge hand
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meme of loki I've never met this man in my life

This Trending Loki Meme Is Being Used To Portray Total Obliviousness

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Caption that reads, "When your parents walk in on you playing with yourself" above a pic of Jason Momoa playing with an Aquaman figurine
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Facebook post that reads, "Give yourself the most useless superhero ability;" someone comments below, "Thoughts and Prayers Man"
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I Miss It So Much Already :(

Caption that reads, "When you just finished your food and you're reminiscing about that time 30 seconds ago when you still had food" above a pic of Wolverine staring at a photo of takeout food that he just ate
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This Is Bonding, Right?

Funny meme about spider-man fixing dad's car and cursing, holding flashlight.
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These 'Texts From Superheroes' Are Loki Hysterical

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Oh Hell Yeah

Text that reads, "Ages 3-5 my ass - guess who's rollin' in to work on a Batmobile tomorrow" over a pic of a kids' toy car Batmobile
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There Goes My Hero

Funny meme about man who put fake arrow decals on floor to get people into endless labyrinth.
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Funny comics of superheroes day jobs.

These Cute Comics Hilariously Imagine The Day Jobs Of Superheroes

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Iron Man's Totally Useless Sidekick!

Snapchat text overlay that reads, "You've met Iron Man, now get ready for..." over a pic of a small busy for sale of a Pineapple Boy'
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Very Bold

Funny tumblr post about stan lee.
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GD Lazy Millennials

Captain Marvel trending meme where Captain Marvel says that she can't afford a house, the old lady says, "That's because your generation's lazy. Back in my day..." before Captain Marvel slaps her
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Hey Bub

Men's room sign that's been turned into 'X-Men' - someone drew claws on the symbol for the man standing next to someone in a wheelchair
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Wow A Real Hero

Caption reads, "These scene did not have CGI, literally Tobey had to stop a train by himself" above a still of Spiderman stopping a train
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Funny poster parodies of Aquaman poster, Jason Momoa.

The 'Aquaman' Poster Is Getting Hilariously Trolled To Oblivion

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