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A compilation of the Rosalia Gum Chewing Twitter Memes.

The Most Hilarious Rosalia Gum Chewing Memes

Spanish singer Rosalia went viral on Twitter this week for her exaggerated expressions while performing her song "Bizcochito." Multiple videos have raised of her in different outfits doing the same movement, appearing to be miming chewing gum. The goofy videos have gotten the meme treatment so much that nobody can seem to get Rosalia off of their Twitter feed. If you'd like to consume all of your Rosalia memes in one concentrated gulp, then you've come to the right place.
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People Are Thirsting For Waluigi Again, So Here’s A Selection Of His Most Cursed Memes

A wahnderful selection of images.
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fun packed memes

22 Fun-Packed Memes That'll Make You Less Depressed

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Collection of funny memes about Mario's nipples, super mario odyssey, nintendo, gaming.

Nintendo Just Confirmed That Mario Has Nipples And The Internet Is Freaking Out

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Nothing Gold Stays

Funny picture of Princess Peach and Mario not looking so good in their old age.
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super mario mario - 1354757

It's Taken 26 Years for Some People to Find This Super Mario World Secret

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what to do when you're not playing super mario

You Can Play Super Mario Run With One Hand. So Here's a List of Wholesome Things You Can Do With The Other Hand While You Play

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Skyrim Meets Super Mario

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bethesda discussion legend of zelda video games video game logic super mario - 1064197

Gamers Discuss Which Game Was a 10/10 for Them, and Someone Queue up the Nostalgia

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Boo Who?

super mario video games video game logic Super Mario bros - 8981365504
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Video Game Coverage shigeru miyamoto super mario video games Super Mario bros nintendo - 138502

Watch Shigeru Miyamoto Play Super Mario Run While He's Busy Doing a Bicep Curl

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Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe, Appears in Super Mario Hat During Rio Olympics Closing Ceremony

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Dang Nihilist Toads Man...

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art legend of zelda super mario video games bioshock zelda mario nintendo - 848133

Professional Artist Beautifully Reimagines Video Game Characters from Zelda, Mario, The Witcher, Bioshock and Metroid

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super mario video games Video - 80901377

This Super Mario Video Is Sick

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One of the Best

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