An article about a girl who wore her winter coat in the UK heatwave

Girl Wears Winter Coat In Heatwave, Explains The Hilarious Reasons Why

If you were in the US or the UK last week, you know that the weather was absolutely bananas. The UK had its highest recorded temperature, which makes it surprising that British Tiktoker @newiszn was filming her videos wearing a winter coat. A fan asked the young woman, "WHY ARE YOU WEARING A COAT??!!!!!!!” She was more than willing to answer, but her answers were probably not what you'd expect.
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A Convenient Collection of Memes For Low-Energy Scrollers

They're good
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Sunny Memes For This Long Hot Summer

Trying to stay cool.
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Funny and relatable memes about depression, sadness, anxiety, mental health

Relatable Memes for People Who Still Have SAD In the Summer

Womp womp.
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The Struggle Is Real

Funny meme about how you can only breathe out of one nostril during the winter, in summer you can breathe normally, looking at memes
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Spooky Time!

Funny meme that reads, "It's the end of August you know what that means" above a photo of a man in a suit wearing a jack o' lantern as a head
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Stop What You're Doing

Funny and cute meme that reads, "Sorry to interrupt, important news" above a photo of a dog licking a dolphin
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Funny Twitter reactions to Martha Stewart posting a sexy pool photo on Instagram | One Wearisome Colored @TreJames_ Martha Stewart posing like water is second wettest thing her pool. | Noah Koch @KnowAKoch don't have access pool so here's on my toilet @MarthaStewart >

Martha Stewart Posts A Thirst Trap Pic On Instagram, Internet Reacts

Well this was unexpected.
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Funny meme that reads, "The only happy ending" above a photo of a bunch of mostly eaten ice cream cones with chocolate in the bottom
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Tweets and data about increased fireworks, fireworks conspiracy theories, nyc, new york city, united states, nypd, police activity | Son Baldwin (Robert Jones 2d v 2. Desensitization as means get us so used sounds firecrackers and other fireworks they start using their real artillery on us won't PROPHETS know difference s meant sound like war zone because war zone is s about become. 39 271,661 O 8,656 Son Baldwin (Robert Jones 2d think this is psychological warfare PROPHETS first wave before wha

Here's Why Twitter's Lighting Up With Fireworks Conspiracy Theories

It's not just in New York.
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Funny video showing a crane operator trolling a guy trying to sunbathe by moving the crane's shadow over him

Crane Operator Trolls Guy Trying To Sunbathe

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Funny memes about summer | Nemo fish escape to the ocean in plastic bags Summer 2020 with squad @thenewsclan | God adding 85 degree weather Pandemic season COMFORT

Fifteen Summer Memes To Taunt People Who Miss Going Outside

Might as well look at memes since we can't go to the beach?
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Aww Yeaaah

Funny meme that reads, "Summer 2020 gonna be lit" above photos of people doing summer activities wearing hazmat suits
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Funny memes about diet and fitness | heel after workout vs really am: shirtless buff captain america steve rogers vs bobby chubby kid from king of the hill posing in front of mirror in his underwear | Meme Factory FACTORY @_thememefactory MEME all people saying time goes by fast never been this position before skeleton illustration muscles anatomy plank exercise workout

Diet And Fitness Posts For Those Just Trying Their Best

Pizza is life.
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Eh F*ck It, Summer's Over

Funny meme that reads, "Friend: how's the diet coming along? Me: ..." above a photo of a guy who broke a swing set after sitting on it
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Too Real

Funny meme about how quickly summer flies by.
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