suez canal

At Least The Boat Didn't Kill Anyone

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Fresh & Funny Tweets That Just Hit Right

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Gone But Not Forgotten

Funny meme about the Ever Given suez canal jam, hobbits saying "we'll miss you" as the boat heads to valinor
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Funny tweets and twitter reactions to the ever given (evergreen) being freed from the Suez Canal, shipping containers, lol, memes, put it back

Ship In Suez Canal Has Been Freed & The Memes Are Still Going Strong

We'll miss her.
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The Memes That Saved The Week

Funny meme about suez canal boat stuck with grim reaper | IT IS TIME TO GO EVERGREEN ACTUALLY YES WAS IA GOOD MEME? EVERGREEN BUT NOW GET THE OUT OF MY WAY! ERG
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The Suez Canal Jam Is Twitter's New Favorite Relatable Meme

We all feel like that container ship right now
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