Cringey Tweet From Creepy Kink Account Has Twitter In A Frenzy

Kinkshaming is pretty frowned upon, but there are some people that take things so far that it's unavoidable. Two days ago, a Twitter account by the name of @learningtosubm1 triggered the social media site with a disconcerting post about getting pregnant

After a long year, my husband finally believes I am ready to carry his child in my womb. To feed them with my body. To give him my whole body for his descendants. Im ready to receive his seed, to become fully his. Cant wait to be impregnated <3 to he owned

The overtly submissive and arguably antiquated message quickly went viral, with Twitter favorites such as Brandy Jensen and @leon weighing in with savage burns and desperate disbelief. The shock and horror, and the righteous burns, are incredibly entertaining. While we'd like to believe that this disaster of a tweet is real, scrolling through the account and its wealth of stock photos, it seems like this person is heavily dedicated to the role of a submissive wife. It's gross, but boy do we love to hate-read this sh*t.

Creepy twitter thread from @learningtosubm1, twitter cringe
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