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People Share The Moment They Realized They Were Dating An Idiot

Stupid people are dumb
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Stupid facepalm moments

A Sad Wealth of Facepalm Moments and Cringey Stupidity

My life has been filled with countless moments of regret. And that regret isn't just regarding dating, alcohol consumption, or career choice. I happen to be a pretty gullible person and the things I've been convinced of - easily - is embarrassing. Fortunately, most of this stupidity is relegated to the IRL world. The Internet, much like elephants, never forgets. And there are entire subreddits dedicated to daft moments from politicians, public figures like Elon Musk, and regular joes like you a…
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Awful TikTok Trends That Should Never Have Happened

Just why
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Fails & Follies From Overconfident Crypto Bros

If you've got a taste for schadenfreude and a little bit of contempt (or confusion) towards the crypto/NFT sector, we've got a treat for you. As the internet buzzes about the potential of non-fungible tokens and crypto bull runs, many coin proselytizers manage to make fools of themselves on Twitter and Reddit. Sometimes they're sharing a massive loss that occurred due to overconfidence or sheer stupidity . Other times these “bros” just say shit that makes them sound incredibly dumb. We can't sa…
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Cowboy Mathematics And Inanimate Objects Make “Wheels Vs. Doors” The Debate Of The Year

A real head scratcher
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Funny moments of cringey stupidity and facepalm | Eric Fll am only person who thinks dwayne johnson looks like rock | Is there any sort book subscription kids exists where order books and once read them return them and get more? 7 Comments O Like Comment 's called library.

20+ Baffling Moments of Impressive Stupidity

Oy vey.
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Funny moments of people being stupid, facepalm, funny |  wish could choose our baby fathers 11:56 AM 6/16/19 Twitter iPhone 306 Retweets 514 Likes 10h v Someone come tell her before do cause Imma hurt her feelings. | Palients Patients is virtue. Thank so much this tattoo looks amazing!

Perplexingly Cringey Instances Of Dumb People Being Dumb

Face, meet palm.
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15+ Misguided Notions From the Minds of Dumb Children

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funny fails and minor moments of stupidity | This will always be funny Jesse Chavez ordered one large pizza and came idk if joke but literally nothing on just crust no sauce cheese toppings nothing. 41 minutes ago Like· Reply Pizza Hut O Jesse would like hear more about this order. Please contact us at with details. ASB 21 minutes ago Like Jesse Chavez My bad fam high ass fuck and opened pizza upside down Edited Like | So our local children's hospital re- cently redecora

Minor Fails & 'Whoops' Moments of Bad Judgment

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Funny design fails, weird images, more questions than answers, cursed images | MEN BECAUSE MEN WOMEN ARE ALWAYS LEFT RIGHT | toilet paper roll hidden inside a cabinet by a toilet

Weird Fail-Filled Images That Left Us With Questions

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Funny social media posts made by stupid people, stupid people on the internet insane people on facebook, cringe, twitter, fails | Can someone explain they got all ice through small hole need holy water @holywaterig Imagine being this stupid | 5m lol but where are tho? 1 4m Owh Chile 1 4m mean where do live 3m Chile 1 2m 's not even funny 's problem 2m Chile

Extremely Dumb Moments Of Pure Facepalm

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Funny moments of stupid people being stupid, facepalm | Keto Beginners 6 mins Has anyone ever gotten salmon vanilla chicken 's not fully cooked? | ig:@savagedump @nojokestoday Damn my girl just came back spring break with coronavirus man please pray her

19 Regrettable Times People Rejected Common Sense

Come on people
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Funny cringe pics, cringey social media posts, Facebook | Christians against dinosaurs 50 minutes ago So if dinosaur "bones" have been kept untouched millions years underground and are such "great" condition why do museums need plaster and wires keep them together? Did dinosaurs" also need plaster and wire bones wouldn't stick together on form If flesh gone 34 minutes ago Like ite 1 Do have proof claim? 33 minutes ago Like

18 Cringe Pics That Are Full Of Facepalm

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Cringey moments of stupidity, cringe pics | blinking white guy reaction Oh love reading too! Do have any favorite books? Yes. 1984 Wow, so many! shadesof666 my blind followers iconicduck are they suppose read this? sign language. are dumb?

19 Staggering Instances Of Impressive Stupidity

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Funny cringey social media posts, facepalm, facepalm moments, twitter memes | woman protesting coronavirus quarantine MY BODY MY CHOICE TRUMP202 | elevator doors opened up and guy walked elevator just and him there and he said love And not rude so said love too He gave weird look and pointed at his Bluetooth.

19 Cringeworthy Moments Of Pure Facepalm

Oh, the stupidity.
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Funny fails, failed attempts, stupid people | tweet Man Titties are life One comma, just one comma changed sexuality | PETA @peta #Stevelrwin killed while harassing ray; he dangled his baby while feeding crocodile wrestled wild animals who were minding their own business. Today's #GoogleDoodle sends dangerous, fawning message. Wild animals are entitled be left alone their natural habitats. Jacksepticeye @Jack_Septic_Eye Replying peta like kid who wasn't invited party but came anyway and

Valiant Attempts That Hilariously Missed The Mark

A for Effort.
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