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A Purely Silly Bunch of Stupid Memes

Good evening, or morning, internet users, abusers and even lamenters. It is not a big secret that life is a largely torturous experience, and that our blip of an existence is completely futile. That said, most of us can't help but crave the chance to do what we want with that fleeting amount of time. If we are being totally honest, the whole hustling and grinding things isn't particularly high on that list of chosen activities. So when the workweek is at our backs, or just starting (we hate you…
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Funny random memes and tweets.

Medium Quality Memes for Medium Quality People

They're fine.
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funny and corny puns and dad jokes and bad jokes | Every morning get out bed and run around block 5 times. Then slide block back under bed and go back sleep.

Corny Jokes Of Dad-Worthy Proportions

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Funny dank memes entitled, 'Kid Named X' | Fire alarm goes off Teacher: Stay calm! Kid named calm: guess l'll die | mike wazowski monsters inc. teacher saying eat quietly kid named quietly

'Kid Named X' Memes Prove That Meme Stupidity Knows No Bounds

This meme is basically the ultimate dad joke.
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Funny memes about dads | merestromb Got my dad's house and he showing all food he has snack on and he goes "and have guacamole ball s guacamole ball ask? well will tell an avocado. He has an avocado. Not Evan @actuallynotevan ur dad finds ur extensions

Dad Posts Worthy Of A Good Old-Fashioned Eye-Roll

We gotta hand it to the dads out there, who try so hard to make us laugh with terrible jokes.
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Funny Twitter meme about elementary school kids who ask their friends to 'look over there,' and then the friend says 'over where?'
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Funny random memes, history memes, meme about henry vii, funny meme about prices.

25 Pointless Memes For When You've All But Given Up

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Wow, I Haven't Heard That One 500 Times Today

Random Fish Guy from Spongebob looking annoyed with the caption, "Me to customer: Can I get you anything else? Customer: A million dollars; Me: ..."
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The Heartiest Of Chuckles Was Had

Basketball-themed group chat where someone asks if they want to hear a basketball joke, which is just "basketball"
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But How Long Did The Lettuce Romaine On Her Head?

Girl with lettuce on her head doesn't listen to go trying to let her know about the lettuce on her head
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