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28 College Memes to Help You Laugh Your Way Through Finals

28 College Memes to Help You Laugh Your Way Through Finals

Finals frenzy
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Parents make son choose between paying student loans and having kids, son gets vasectomy: 'I don't really think I owe them anything'

he has a point
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20 Memes To Remind You That You’re Not Alone in Feeling Stressed About College

These memes are relatable for people struggling to make it through college.
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Relatable Student Memes Now That Student Loan Forgiveness Is Here

Relatable Student Memes That Are A Little More Jovial Now That Student Loan Forgiveness Is Here

Hear hear, hope is here
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15 Relatable Student Loan Memes For People Who Are Really Counting On Biden Coming Through On His Promises (August 24, 2022)

15 Relatable Student Loan Memes For People Who Are Really Counting On Biden Coming Through This Time (August 25, 2022)

C'mon Joey, don't play with us like this
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Chaotically Wholesome Dude Pelts Sister With OnlyFans Money He Earned To Pay Her Student Loan

Chaotic good.
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Relatable memes for people with student loans, student loan debt memes, joe biden | Ro Reductress @Reductress Yay! This Millennial Got Hit by City Bus and Can Finally Pay Off Her Student Loans: Tyler Chambers @skinny_que 's really hard watching other people live out dreams | Every cigarette smoke takes another seven minutes off debt on student loan

25 Bleak Memes For People With Crippling Student Loan Debt

They're a trap.
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Depressing Twitter thread about the high costs of paying for a college or graduate education in the United States | tweet by Grandpa_Rufus had mine down about $26 unable continue payments and now its $50k am glad they can add thousands fees federally back loan never goes away

Depressing Twitter Thread Details The High Costs Of Education In America

This is bleak.
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Funny memes about student loans

Student Loan Memes For The Graduate Who Will Never Retire

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Fresh & Dank Shitposts: Now With Extra Spookiness

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No Thanks

Funny meme that reads, "When someone tells me I should go to a four-year university instead of community college" above photos of a woman crying while wiping her eyes with money
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Funny tweets and depressing tweets about student loans.

28 Student Loan Tweets For Everyone In The Damn Struggle

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That *Is* Strange

Funny meme featuring Kim Kardashian about what the strangest thing someone ever did for money was
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Absolute Genius Marketing

Funny tweet from Marlboro stating that every cigarette you smoke will take off some of the student debt you owe
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Sad And True

Tweet that reads, "'How do you describe college?' I'm teaching myself a class that I'm paying for"
Via Jpa1137

Big Spender

Tweet that reads, "What would you do if someone left you $8.7 mill?" followed by a reply that reads, "Pay off my student loans and use the remaining $10 to go to the movies"
Via OlivePony
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