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Student Despairs At Entertaining English Final Presentation

It's succinct
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Professor Discovers That Students Made A Bingo Card For His Seminars

"Drink Your Fifth Red Bull"
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College Student Reveals Revolting Trash Pile Up In University Apartment

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Professor Charms The Internet After Editing Himself Into Animal Crossing For Zoom Class

The events of the past year and a half have not been an easy time to be in education. One of the main reasons for this are two little words that put the fear of god into students everywhere: distance learning. While it might be pretty sweet that you can rock up to Zoom class and start gaming with your camera switched off, it’s not exactly conducive to getting those qualifications. Not every teacher has been able to adapt smoothly to this new way of imparting their hard earned knowledge, but som…
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Now on to the Champion, Feeny

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It Was Good While it Lasted

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The Student Has Become the Master

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It's Like They Know

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Dropping the Science: No! That Would Never Happen!

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Dropping the Science: That's What You Get for Adding Letters

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Terrible Teacher's Learning Curve

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Overzealous Student

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Terrible Teacher Always Wins

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