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21 Bad People Competing For the Worst Parent Award

When I was about eleven I decided that I was going to focus on making friends instead of my schoolwork. Since Pre-K my mother had me attend certain classes in the higher grade because I was “gifted,” which didn't do me any favors socially. Being so separated from my peers was incredibly alienating as an already-awkward kid. Eventually, my parents had me switch schools after third grade to experience some sort of social normalcy. Unfortunately, I was bullied immediately as a newcomer. I just did…
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Entitled Parent Demands 'Consequences' for Child Who Shared Birthday Cake With Her Son

There are a million ways someone can accidentally mess up their kid , and no one in their right mind is under the impression that parenting is easy in any way, but some things are just common sense. Making sure your kid has a healthy diet and is knowledgable about nutrition is good. Being a weird dictator about food and prohibiting your kid from enjoying a slice of cake on a special occasion? Not so good. When one redditor asked r/AmItheAsshole whether she was in the wrong for demanding “conseq…
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