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Funny meme featuring Leonardo DiCaprio about stressed out parents trying to use E-learning vs. people without kids
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Funny memes about anxiety, being anxious, mental health, mental illness, worrying, stress | bobby hill from king of the hill in a suit standing in a water fountain: someone says 'don't be anxious' and anxiety is cured. meryl streep shouting meme: did thing today am proud. Time sleep. My anxiety ABOUT 100 OTHER THINGS U DIDNT DO? DID U DO ONE THING RIGHT?

Anxious Memes For Anyone Who Just Can't Stop Worrying

Memes for the chronically anxious!
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Funny memes about college | kim kardashian looking mortified ur test Score is so low ur teacher asks about ur personal life. man reading in bed and same man asleep in bed study better at night 11:00 PM 11:05 PM

Eighteen College Memes For Those End-Of-Semester Blues

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Funny memes about being in college

College Memes For The Student Who Should Be Studying

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16 Funny Memes About Work Stress

16 Funny Memes About Work Stress

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Caption that reads, "When your mom said she'll be back soon but you're next at the cash register" above a pic of a guy sweating and looking nervous
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dad jokes

14 Hilarious Fatherly Nuggets From 'The Nerd Dad'

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Mental Health Memes

17 Mental Health Memes That'll Speak To Your Soul

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Only '90s Kids Will Remember These

Caption that reads, "You haven't known real fear until you've tried to use one of these" above pics of little rubber toys that pop up
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So Annoying!!

Tumblr post that reads, "Depression: uhh, stay in don't have the energy and are incapable of productivity anyway; Anxiety: get out of it!! Too much to do!! Too much to do!!" someone comments below, "Y'all harmonize so well. Very lovely!"
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angsty memes

19 Angsty Memes To Remind You That Life Is Full Of Sass

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