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Bleak Memes for Lifetime Passengers of the Struggle Bus

Let us out
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Funny memes about being in grad school | And 's my presentation any questions @graduatestudenthoughts sweaty bear Rilakkuma | ask classmate if they started on their paper and they say no @graduatestudenthoughts @momsbehavingbadly just like Trash. Toy Story

Fifteen Grad School Memes For The Overworked, Exhausted Student

Y'all got this.
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Funny memes about anxiety, being anxious, mental health, mental illness, worrying, stress | bobby hill from king of the hill in a suit standing in a water fountain: someone says 'don't be anxious' and anxiety is cured. meryl streep shouting meme: did thing today am proud. Time sleep. My anxiety ABOUT 100 OTHER THINGS U DIDNT DO? DID U DO ONE THING RIGHT?

Anxious Memes For Anyone Who Just Can't Stop Worrying

Memes for the chronically anxious!
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Yeah I'm Gonna Need More Than 'A Little'

Funny meme that reads, "Maybe a little lavender would help reduce your stress. Me: ..." above a photo of a woman lying on a bed completely covered in lavender
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Story of a cringey date

Crazy Dude Totally Freaks Out On His Date Because He's 'Stressed Out At Work'

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16 Funny Memes About Work Stress

16 Funny Memes About Work Stress

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School, school memes, finals memes, finals exams, college memes, memes about finals, memes about school, memes about stress, memes about depression.

17 Memes That Sum Up The Rollercoaster That Is Finals Week

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Sad twitter depressing mental illness depression mental health funny tweets stress anxiety - 7773701

Tired Twitter Users Are Using 'Personal Reasons' To Justify Doing Ridiculous Things

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dad jokes

14 Hilarious Fatherly Nuggets From 'The Nerd Dad'

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Works Every Time!

Fake sign telling you to try yelling if you're feeling angry or stressed out
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cover image about failing assignments, writing a research paper and it doesn't make sense

14 College Memes To Keep Those Midterm Blues At Bay

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So Annoying!!

Tumblr post that reads, "Depression: uhh, stay in don't have the energy and are incapable of productivity anyway; Anxiety: get out of it!! Too much to do!! Too much to do!!" someone comments below, "Y'all harmonize so well. Very lovely!"
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life is hard depressing comics stress comics about life funny web comics - 5470213

This Comic About How Tough Life Can Be Takes A Twisted Turn

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When You're Having A Mental Breakdown But You Just Gotta Power Through

studying struggle relatable stress college exams - 9145383168


Funny meme about converting stress into power, photo of emperor palpatine from star wars.
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Why Am I Like This

Funny meme about stressing out over things you can do.
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