Supreme Announces Oreo Collaboration Nobody Asked For

First they released the Popeye's clothing line, and we did not speak out. Then they released the KFC Crocs, and we did not speak out. Supreme just announced an incredibly cringeworthy Oreo collaboration, and we are definitely speaking out. 

Cult Streetwear giants Supreme announced the collaboration yesterday and people are roasting the branded cookies to no end. While it's easy to joke about the red Oreos costing hundreds of dollars, a package of three will run a dumb skater a mere $8. This seems reasonable until you realize this sum can also buy you a shot and a beer down the street from their Williamsburg, Brooklyn store. If you want the cookies, you'll have to line up with other Supreme enthusiasts on February 20th. We'd rather stay inside and enjoy all the jokes people are cracking on Twitter. 

Funny tweets roasting the supreme oreos | Supreme Saint @TheSupremeSaint SUPREME SAINT Supreme x @Oreo Coming Soon. Supreme | tweet Tug Boat @justablackboy 1d Replying TheSupremeSaint and @Oreo But will make my poop red Q 12 2,217 2751 Iqball @Masiqballl 1d Ya poop gonna be supreme box logo 27 183 13 6,150
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